SysGroup and Softcat plc sign partnership to drive AI/ML market growth

LONDON: SysGroup plc (AIM:SYS), a leading technology partner specializing in cloud, data, and security services for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) transformation, has announced an exciting strategic partnership with Softcat plc.

This collaboration solidifies SysGroup’s position as one of Softcat’s trusted Machine Learning Partners. As one of the UK’s top IT Solutions and Services Providers, Softcat’s endorsement opens up new avenues for SysGroup in the AI/ML markets. The ongoing engagement with a prominent independent pension and investment management firm underscores the potential impact and tangible benefits of this partnership.

Andrew Hermsen, Softcat plc’s Chief Technologist – Data, AI & Automation, expressed his enthusiasm: “Our strategic partnership with SysGroup is a significant step forward in addressing the evolving needs of our customers in the dynamic and rapidly growing machine learning market. By combining SysGroup’s innovative AI and ML solutions with Softcat’s deep expertise in the IT market, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value. Our goal is to help clients harness the transformative potential of machine learning for business growth and innovation.”

Heejae Chae, SysGroup’s Executive Chairman, added, “Achieving ‘Preferred Partner’ status with Softcat plc is a milestone in our journey to become a leading force in the AI and ML markets. This partnership validates our innovative approach and opens up new possibilities for delivering exceptional value to our clients. Together with Softcat’s industry-leading expertise, we offer comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and innovation. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact this collaboration will have on our clients’ success.”

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