Golden Triangle Ventures sings intent to acquire Cargo Management Group

LAS VEGAS: Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. (OTC PINK: GTVH), a dynamic player in the business landscape, has recently executed a significant Letter of Intent (LOI) with TK Zarro, LLC, GTV’s primary note holder. The purpose of this LOI is to pave the way for the acquisition of Cargo Management Group, a comprehensive shipping, logistics, and trucking operation.

The move aligns with GTV’s strategic expansion efforts and underscores its commitment to fundamental business growth and financial independence.

Cargo Management Group, a well-established player in the industry, achieved close to $3 million in top-line revenue in 2023. The company currently holds contracts with prominent corporations such as JB Hunt, CH Robinson, Coyote Logistics, and Echo Logistics. Their expertise lies in providing efficient shipping and logistics services, and they have a unique specialization in transporting high-value loads related to the gaming industry, including slot machines to various locations nationwide.

The acquisition process is in its final stages, with GTV assuming full ownership of the logistics operation, brokerage business, licenses, and all associated assets. As part of the transition strategy, GTV’s management is crafting a comprehensive business plan aimed at substantially expanding the company’s growth trajectory. This includes incorporating various types of trucking freight movements and adding Heavy Haul capabilities to their portfolio.

Lavish Entertainment, operating under GTV’s Entertainment Division, has also revealed its ambitious plan to build a four-pillar business model. These pillars encompass logistics, staffing, equipment, and production. By strategically developing and acquiring operations in these areas, Lavish Entertainment aims to become an industry-leading entertainment business. Additionally, Lavish Entertainment plays a crucial role in supporting the development and operation of its flagship project, Destino Ranch (

Tom Zarro, the current owner of Cargo Management Group and GTV’s largest note holder, expressed his confidence in GTVH’s ability to take the enterprise to new heights.

He stated, “The acquisition of Cargo Management Group provides GTVH with a solid income stream. The trucking and freight brokerage industry, known for its recession-proof nature, scalability, and profitability, perfectly aligns with GTVH’s goals. I trust that the GTVH team will significantly expand this enterprise beyond my current capabilities, allowing me to focus on new ventures.”

Steffan Dalsgaard, CEO of Golden Triangle Ventures, emphasized the company’s commitment to transformation. “We are dedicated to turning GTV into a strategic enterprise that supports all our divisions. This planned acquisition is designed to provide genuine cash flow through a scalable business model, benefiting both Lavish Entertainment and our ambitious Destino Ranch project. Our immediate focus is to address our capital debt structure with TK Zarro and finalize this opportunity, delivering strong shareholder value.”

Golden Triangle Ventures continues to make strategic moves, positioning itself for a prosperous future in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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