Diversio acquires CCDI Consulting

Diversio, a leader in fostering inclusive and equitable work environments, has announced the acquisition of CCDI Consulting, a prominent DEI consultancy.

This acquisition was facilitated by CCDI Consulting’s parent entity, the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), which remains dedicated to providing educational resources to its extensive network of Employer Partners.

The integration of CCDI Consulting into Diversio’s operations is poised to significantly expand the latter’s capabilities in transforming workplace insights into actionable strategies with tangible business outcomes. With this strategic expansion, Diversio consolidates its status as a comprehensive service provider in the domain of workplace inclusion.

Diversio’s CEO, Laura McGee, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, citing CCDI Consulting’s track record in effecting measurable change and its array of top-tier training and educational materials. “This union represents a pivotal step in our shared vision of cultivating more inclusive workspaces,” McGee stated.

The merger brings together Diversio’s innovative platform, which includes surveys, data analysis, and Inclusion Score™ tracking, with CCDI Consulting’s wealth of experience and resources. This synergy is expected to set a new global benchmark for workplace inclusion, combining empathetic technology with human expertise to build diverse, creative, and productive teams.

Customers of the newly expanded Diversio can look forward to enhanced DEI capabilities, accelerated innovation, and comprehensive support. The combined strengths of Diversio and CCDI Consulting will offer a robust suite of services encompassing DEI strategy, training, and education, backed by a team of over 20 in-house experts. Moreover, the merger extends Diversio’s global footprint, enabling it to serve clients with a nuanced understanding of regional and cultural distinctions.

This acquisition underscores Diversio’s unwavering commitment to redefining the standards of workplace excellence through the lens of inclusion.

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