RAIR Technologies unveils RAIRprotocol for scalable dApp development

LOS ANGELES: At the Tokenize LA Conference, RAIR Technologies announced the launch of RAIRprotocol, a groundbreaking open-source dApp protocol layer. This innovative platform is designed to facilitate the creation of scalable decentralized applications (dApps) by leveraging an open token licensing model.

RAIRprotocol consolidates Smart Account, Marketplace, Digital Rights Management (DRM), and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) infrastructure into a unified ecosystem.

The protocol boasts partnerships with industry leaders like Alchemy and Web3Auth and features integrations with Filebase, Google Cloud, Hashicorp, MongoDB Atlas, Coingecko, among others. It introduces over 88 documented API endpoints, which enterprises can implement using a unique open-source token licensing approach.

Ed Prado, CEO of RAIR Technologies, emphasized the importance of adhering to Web3’s core values—decentralization, transparency, and community involvement—for the sector’s growth. He highlighted that RAIRprotocol allows large enterprises to integrate with their codebase, reducing risk and gaining a competitive edge.

The release of RAIRprotocol marks the culmination of four years and over $3 million in development, offering developers the flexibility to use RAIR Technologies’ solutions either in conjunction or separately to meet diverse project needs. The six open-source microservices launched include RAIRsolidity, RAIRnode, RAIRfrontend, RAIRstream, RAIRsync, and RAIRinfra, each providing specialized functionalities ranging from onchain NFT minting to cloud infrastructure tooling.

In line with the Apache 2.0 inspired open token license, derivative works must include an NFT license notice in their NOTICE file to comply with the licensing terms.

Garrett Minks, CTO of RAIR Technologies, stated that RAIRprotocol significantly accelerates the onboarding process for new developers into Web3, multiplying the speed by tenfold compared to traditional methods.

Since 2019, RAIRprotocol has been under development as a proprietary enterprise SaaS product, backed by investors. With its transition to open-source, RAIR Technologies aims to empower the Web3 software community further.

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