Invictus Energy signs agreement to power Zimbabwe’s Eureka Mine

JOHANNESBURG: Invictus Energy Limited has partnered with Dallaglio Investments and Himoinsa Southern Africa to launch a gas-to-power project at Zimbabwe’s Eureka Gold Mine.

The African Energy Chamber endorses the initiative, which aims to enhance energy efficiency and reliability in the mining sector.

The project will utilize natural gas from the Cabora Bassa Project to replace diesel-fired power, offering a more stable and eco-friendly energy source. The initial phase will see a 12MW capacity, with potential expansion to 50MW.

Feasibility studies are in progress to determine the best power delivery method, with options including on-site generation or integration with the existing grid. The outcome will guide a formal Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement between Invictus Energy and Himoinsa.

The venture also has regional implications, with the potential to supply electricity to other private entities via local grids or the Southern Africa Power Pool. This aligns with Invictus Energy’s recent gas supply deal for a 500MW power project and the discovery of gas-condensate at Mukuyu-2, which supports early monetization and production.

NJ Ayuk of the African Energy Chamber highlights the project’s role in promoting sustainable energy development and economic growth in Zimbabwe and Africa. The initiative sets a precedent for other nations in Southern Africa to harness local energy resources for enhanced energy security and economic advancement.

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