JTC Plc is a global professional services business that specializes in funds, corporate, and private client services. It’s known for its expertise in administering both closed and open-ended funds across various jurisdictions, including Jersey, the US, the UK, and others. The company is publicly listed and operates with a strong emphasis on shared ownership, investing in people, embracing technology, and valuing relationships.

On the financial side, JTC Plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker JTC, and it’s a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. As of the latest available data, the stock price was 816.00 GBX.

JTC Plc offers a comprehensive range of services across three main divisions:

Funds: They have a proven track record in administering both closed and open-ended funds established in various jurisdictions, including Jersey, the US, the UK, Guernsey, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands, South Africa, Mauritius, and the BVI.

Corporate: Their corporate services are focused on providing bespoke administration services to a diverse client base, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational companies, including those traded on NYSE, FTSE, and Euronext.

Private Client: JTC specializes in protecting and nurturing private capital in real estate, financial, and non-financial assets across countries and generations.

Additionally, they offer a Private Office service, which provides a holistic approach to managing both financial and non-financial affairs for families, tailored to their unique needs.

For strategic transformation, JTC’s experienced teams deliver bespoke solutions to address the challenges and seize the opportunities clients face, helping them achieve their ambitions and goals.


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