Veris Limited spearheads Digital Twin Victoria partnership

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Veris Limited (ASX: VRS), a premier spatial data services provider, has been chosen to lead a consortium as the Digital Twin Victoria (DTV) Innovation Partner for a three-year term.

This collaboration is set to deliver substantial value to Veris’ operations, although the contract’s total worth remains undisclosed due to evolving service scopes.

The consortium, comprising 10 members, emerged victorious against formidable competition, including global consulting giants, marking Veris as the first Australian spatial data firm to head a state-agency partnership for a high-profile digital twin project.

Michael Shirley, CEO of Veris, hailed the victory as a pivotal moment that not only cements their industry leadership but also aligns with their digital strategy. The company anticipates a growing opportunity pipeline as government agencies nationwide invest more in digital twins—virtual models updated in real-time for decision-making support.

As the incoming DTV Innovation Partner, Veris and its consortium will enhance the DTV platform with new features, data transformations, and integrations, propelling Victoria into a new collaborative era. The consortium’s expertise spans various domains, including BIM, system integration, remote sensing, and spatial machine learning, promising a robust and innovative approach to digital twin development.

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