Substrate AI to raise €10 million for subsidiary Subgen AI at €200 million valuation

LONDON, UK: Substrate AI (SAI/SAI.B) has entered into an agreement with the FINRA-regulated Californian investment bank, GT Securities, to identify potential investors or partners for its subsidiary, the generative artificial intelligence company Subgen AI Ltd and raise at least €10 million.

The agreement valued Subgen AI at €200 million and the investment round will be raised among investors and international funds introduced by GT Securities.

Subgen AI is a company focused on generative AI that is developing its own “domain specific” LLM models and has launched Serenity Star, an ecosystem to scale generative AI with more than 100 LLMs and agents, co-pilots and plugins that allow generative AI projects to be built in companies from a low-code-no-code point of view, this is, without having to be specialist in the field, thus democratizing the use of this technology.

“We want to boost Subgen AI’s business with new funding from this round to capture commercial opportunities more quickly with Serenity Star and our LLMs. The generative AI sector is growing fast and speed is crucial to be able to gain market share,” says Lorenzo Serratosa, CEO of Subgen AI.

Substrate AI is an artificial intelligence company based in Spain that creates, buys and scales companies around AI in diverse sectors such as fintech, agritech, energy, human resources, or health. All of them sell products and services built on the bio-inspired reinforced learning technology developed and patented by Substrate AI.

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