Rocscience expands software portfolio with acquisition of 3GSM

Toronto-based Rocscience Inc. has acquired 3GSM, an Austrian company renowned for its geologic mapping and analysis software. This acquisition is in line with Rocscience’s growth trajectory, closely following its acquisition of DIANA FEA.

3GSM is celebrated for its user-friendly 3D software that serves the tunneling, mining, and civil engineering sectors by providing detailed evaluations of rock, terrain, and object surfaces. The merger is set to enhance Rocscience’s existing solutions, further catering to the evolving demands of its customer base.

Dr. Thamer Yacoub, the CEO and President of Rocscience, emphasized the significance of this acquisition, stating, “Joining hands with 3GSM not only signifies our rapid growth but also reinforces our leadership in the geotechnical software market. This move is a strategic one, placing us ahead of the curve and enabling us to better meet the dynamic requirements of our customers in rock engineering.”

Andreas Gaich, the Managing Director at 3GSM, expressed his optimism about the merger, commenting, “3GSM’s innovative software products are an excellent fit with Rocscience’s established expertise. We are eager to embark on this new journey, confident that our combined strengths will yield more innovative and significant contributions to the geotechnical engineering field.”

The acquisition underscores Rocscience’s unwavering commitment to delivering superior engineering software solutions and maintaining its pioneering status in the industry. With 3GSM’s expertise now integrated into its portfolio, Rocscience is poised to continue leading the charge in innovation and customer satisfaction.

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