Mirriad signs two-year deal with US media giant for in-content ads

LONDON: Mirriad, a company that specializes in inserting virtual ads and products into movies and TV shows, has secured a two-year deal with a leading US media and entertainment conglomerate.

The deal will allow the US partner to use Mirriad’s platform to create new advertising inventory in its content, which reaches over 200 million viewers per week across streaming and TV platforms.

The US partner will also market the new inventory to its advertisers, starting with one of its most popular shows in March. Mirriad, which already works with another global media company, said the deal will expand its reach and revenue potential in the $19bn TV and streaming ad market.

Stephan Beringer, CEO of Mirriad, said: “This lengthening line of agreements with US ‘majors’ or ‘super-majors’ shows that the ‘Mirriad-inside’ strategy of integrating in-content advertising across the entire TV and video media ecosystem is gaining significant traction. Focusing on the biggest players in the largest market in the world is steadily creating a sea-change in the scale of new partners and establishing the Mirriad ad format as a new industry gold standard.

Adding to the new partner agreements signed in Q4 2023, Mirriad’s access to the US TV advertising market has just grown from less than 10% to almost 40% and we are now working with seven out of the top ten media companies in the US. Negotiations with another US major are also progressing.  

“Programmatic integration with this Partner’s streaming platforms is in active discussions already, and this is expected to enable significantly shorter lead times, automated transactions and increased volumes. Our focus for the past two years has been on developing a programmatic solution as this will enable us to scale revenues significantly. I’m excited that we are in touching distance of achieving this.”

Mirriad signs agreement with a top three entertainment network in the US

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