ZTE’s 5G-A to unleash the full potential of 5G technology

ZTE Corporation, one of the world’s leading providers of information and communication technology solutions, is proud to unveil the highlights of 5G-A at the Mobile World Congress 2024. This initiative aims to unleash the full potential of 5G technology and create infinite value.

Green infrastructures pursue the perfect bit-watt curve

ZTE’s 5G-A adopts a green and energy-efficient approach to achieve the perfect bit-watt curve. It introduces the following innovations:

  • First radio platform with constant power amplifier (PA) efficiency in the industry for optimal performance. The latest radio platform achieves almost constant PA efficiency, ensuring optimal performance at all times. This allows for a PA efficiency higher than 25 to 30 percentage points and a power consumption of remote radio units (RRU) lower than 35% to the industry average.
  • 0 bit 0 watt with the industry’s first hibernation. The industry’s first hibernation technology has been deployed on a large scale on more than 300,000 active antenna units (AAU) to reduce the power consumption of AAU to only 5 watts when there is no traffic. This technology has also been applied to RRU, which reduces power consumption to 3 watts in the absence of traffic. For small cells, hibernation allows for 0 watt consumption for pRRU when there is no traffic, and the cell can be awakened in seconds when there are service access attempts.

5G-A B2C: transparent experiences of 10 Gb/s+

ZTE’s 5G-A delivers transparent experiences of 10 Gb/s+ to consumers by simplifying sites, enhancing eco-friendliness, and pushing the 4G capacity even further. It features the following breakthroughs:

  • The Uni-Radio simplifies sites with 10 times fewer radios. The Uni-Radio (A+P) allows for extremely simplified integration of 7 bands in 1, with a dual-band AAU, a unique 5-band UBR antenna and a full-band FDD antenna, which reduces radio units from 10 to 1.
  • The unique RRU 12TR becomes extremely eco-friendly, allowing for superior energy efficiency. The unique dual-band RRU 12TR evolves on a new platform, achieving almost constant PA efficiency. This allows for a RRU power consumption lower than 35% to the industry average. With the industry’s first RF bundling, the RRU 12TR allows for inter-sector sharing of output power. For any given sector, 4*120 W can be used as 4×160 W, which offers greater power efficiency.
  • The FDD Massive MIMO technology pushes the 4G capacity even further. The tri-band FDD Massive MIMO technology supports all radio access technologies (RAT) from 2G to 5G and NB-IoT connectivity with an impressive output power of 640 W in only 115L, which improves the throughput up to 6 times. In addition, the AI beamforming improves the performance of the FDD Massive MIMO technology by 30%, while the beam-level DSS, unique in its kind, optimizes the spectrum utilization, obtaining an additional data throughput gain of 10%.
  • The industry’s largest bandwidth mmWave AAU enables a 5G-A 10 Gb/s+ experience. The mmWave AAU, with the industry’s largest bandwidth (1.6 GHz), enables a single cell to achieve a capacity of 28 Gb/s+, thus offering 10 Gb/s+ experiences. It serves various scenarios, including fixed wireless access (FWA), mobile broadband links and UHD live streaming, among others.

5G-A B2B: network-cloud integration, commissioning in one hour

ZTE’s 5G-A empowers enterprises with network-cloud integration and commissioning in one hour. It offers the following solutions:

  • UniEngine: all-in-one 5G private solution for major productions. UniEngine achieves the all-in-one integration of the 5G core, the 5G RAN and the simplified operation and maintenance, while providing powerful computing to enable effortless deployment of third-party applications. The enhanced deterministic capabilities of the RAN offer much better service guarantees. The simplified operation and maintenance greatly help the less experienced enterprises to deploy their private 5G networks and enable end-to-end monitoring of service performance.
  • Indoor 5G-A CampSite creates new possibilities for TV broadcasting and VR entertainment. CampSite, the size of a suitcase, is easy to deploy by a single person. It integrates communication and computing, enabling the configuration of the 5G-A network in one hour. In addition, with the inclusion of MiCell, the industry’s first distributed mmWave micro-cell and IF pooling solution, it achieves a coverage of 2,500 m2, offering up to 6 Gb/s in downlink or 4 Gb/s in uplink, with ultra-low latency of 4 ms at 99.99% and high reliability. CampSite facilitates new use cases such as 5G TV broadcasting, large-scale and backpack-free wireless VR entertainment, among others.

5G-A B2X: stimulate the new economy

ZTE’s 5G-A stimulates the new economy by enabling universal connectivity and intelligent transportation. It showcases the following achievements:

  • The ultra-reliable 5G-A network and the edge-cloud integration enable a cost-effective V2X for intelligent transportation. ZTE deployed the first V2X integrated vehicle-road-cloud network on the 5G-A, enabling autonomous driving and improving traffic efficiency. The ultra-reliable network and the base station edge-cloud achieve a latency of 20 [email protected]%, enabling L4 autonomous driving for L2 vehicles at speeds up to 60 km/h.
  • 5G-A NTN achieves universal connectivity through space-ground integration. ZTE developed the industry’s first ground NTN base station and achieved the world’s first 5G IoT-NTN direct-to-cell trial on the S band as well as the industry’s first maritime trial and laboratory and field NR-NTN trials. These efforts aim to provide capabilities for emergency communications, large-scale IoT and Internet services.

Ubiquitous intelligence: achieve high global efficiency

ZTE’s 5G-A achieves high global efficiency by leveraging ubiquitous intelligence. It demonstrates the following capabilities:

  • 5G-A BBU, the integration of communication and computing for rich AI applications. 5G-A BBU enables seamless integration of communication and computing capabilities. Leveraging its computing capabilities, the base station native AI enhances RAN intelligence, enabling highly efficient service guarantees to boost traffic, implement more accurate energy-saving strategies and facilitate L4 autonomous network operation and maintenance. By opening up the computing resources to third parties, the cost-effective deployment of applications at the base station level becomes possible, thus enriching the range of new applications.
  • A uSmartNet advertisement powered by AIGC was used at a major sporting event in Asia. Thanks to AIGC and technology, digital twins, ZTE’s uSmartNet obtained the industry’s first smart game assurance during the event. This achievement avoided any major problems and customer complaints, thus improving operational efficiency by 15% and reducing workload by 30%.

ZTE’s 5G-A is a comprehensive and innovative initiative that aims to unleash the full potential of 5G technology and create infinite value for customers, partners and society. ZTE invites you to join us in this exciting journey and explore the endless possibilities of 5G-A.

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