Manifest Financial buys Nerve Tech

Manifest Financial, a company that provides financial services to entrepreneurs and micro-businesses, has acquired Nerve Tech, a banking platform for creators and their platforms. The deal aims to create a banking partner that understands and meets the unique needs of the entrepreneurial sector.

Nerve was founded by John Waupsh and Ben Morrison, who have over 20 years of experience in consumer banking and fintech. They designed Nerve to offer a streamlined and tailored solution for creators, who often face challenges and barriers in accessing traditional banking services.

Manifest Financial plans to build on Nerve’s foundation and introduce more enhancements later this year. Michael Cavallaro, CEO and co-founder of Manifest, said that the acquisition marks a significant phase in their commitment to address the banking needs and requirements of entrepreneurs and their platforms. He added that this move will accelerate their strategy for deploying these invaluable services to their partners.

John Waupsh, co-founder of Nerve Tech, said that the journey with Nerve has always been about charting a path towards financial autonomy for creators. He said that this collaboration is a monumental stride towards equipping creators with a banking platform that is not just a tool, but a partner in their entrepreneurial journey.

The acquisition signals a new chapter in banking, where entrepreneurial needs take center stage, ensuring their voices are heard and needs are met with tailored solutions.

MJC Partners, LLC, acted as the advisor to Manifest, and Goodwin Procter LLP acted as legal counsel to Manifest.

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