CTC Global secures strategic investment from Endeavour and Greenbelt

CTC Global, a leader in advanced conductor technology, has received a strategic investment from Endeavour Capital and Greenbelt Capital Partners to accelerate the growth of its products that enhance grid efficiency and reduce emissions.

The Irvine, CA-based company specializes in engineering and manufacturing advanced conductor cores for high-voltage transmission cables. Its flagship products, ACCC Conductor and ACCC InfoCore System, have been installed in over 1,250 projects across 60 countries by more than 250 utilities.

The ACCC Conductor significantly increases electrical capacity, improves efficiency, and decreases thermal sag compared to traditional transmission conductors. It also reduces CO₂ emissions by enabling more renewable energy integration and avoiding the need for new transmission lines.

J.D. Sitton, CEO of CTC Global, said the partnership with Endeavour and Greenbelt will allow the company to introduce critical new technologies for a more sustainable energy future.

Derek Eve, Managing Director at Endeavour, said CTC Global’s track record and product performance position the company well to support the growth of its utility partners.

Chris Murphy, Partner at Greenbelt, said CTC Global’s advanced conductor technology will help mitigate U.S. transmission congestion and interconnect queues by increasing the transmission capacity across existing assets.

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