Data4Industry-X: A New Data Exchange Solution for the Industry Sector

Data4Industry-X, a new data exchange solution for the Industry sector, was officially launched today. The solution aims to improve competitiveness and reduce the carbon footprint of major global industrial organizations with operations spread across multiple countries.

Data4Industry-X will enable organizations to innovate and operate services on distributed data, coming from various factories, organizations or countries, while keeping control over the data produced locally and abroad. The solution is designed in compliance with the new European data regulations, such as the Data Act, and implements the Gaia-X de facto standards for data sovereignty.

The solution is supported by the French government’s France 2030 initiative and the European program Next Generation, and endorsed by AIF (Alliance pour l’industrie du futur). It relies on the technological and industrial expertise of Dawex, Schneider Electric, Valeo, CEA, and Prosyst to deliver a powerful response to support the Industry digital transformation and capitalize on the high potential of industrial data.

Data4Industry-X is also part of the international Manufacturing-X initiative, which aims to foster a compelling and sustainable Industry ecosystem by leveraging the full potential of broad cross-border, cross-company, cross-factory industrial data exchanges.

The project partners expressed their enthusiasm and vision for Data4Industry-X, highlighting its transformative impact on industrial organizations, driving innovation and responsible growth, collaboration, partnership, and new industrial models. They also emphasized the opportunity for Europe to take the lead in data exchange for Manufacturing, thanks to the national technologies that have already proved their worth in industry.

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