Adherium Limited appoints Dr Paul Mastoridis as new CEO

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Adherium Limited, the leader in respiratory digital health technologies, has announced the appointment of Dr Paul Mastoridis as its new CEO.

Dr Mastoridis is a global pharmaceutical innovator with more than 25 years of experience in developing and leading digital solutions for asthma and COPD management.

He was previously the Global Medical Head of Respiratory at Novartis, where he and his team pioneered the first AI technology to diagnose asthma and COPD, and the first smart technology add-on device to help patients adhere to their medication.

Dr Mastoridis will lead Adherium’s commercialisation and market penetration strategy for its flagship product, the Hailie® Smartinhaler® system, which is a device that monitors and improves medication adherence for respiratory patients.

He will focus on the US market, where recent changes in the reimbursement structure and positive health economic data have created favourable conditions for Adherium’s growth and impact.

Dr Mastoridis succeeds Rick Legleiter, who resigned as CEO last month and will consult to the Board and management team for up to six months.

Adherium’s Independent Non-Executive Chair, Mr Lou Panaccio, welcomed Dr Mastoridis and thanked Mr Legleiter for his service and contribution to the Company.

Dr Mastoridis said he was excited to join Adherium and to revolutionise the management of millions of asthma and COPD patients globally.

He said Adherium was a respected leader in patient adherence, remote monitoring and data management solutions, and that its Hailie Smartinhaler technology and patient management system would lead the industry by bringing innovative devices to patients to help them reduce their exacerbations, hospitalisations, deaths and live better lives.

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