Kardex and Addverb join forces to offer cloud-based warehouse management solutions

Kardex, a leading provider of compact storage systems, has announced a strategic partnership with Addverb, an India-based company for warehouse automation. The partnership aims to deliver integrated and efficient solutions that combine the best of both companies’ technologies.

Addverb’s warehouse management system is based on a modern microservices architecture that can be operated completely via the cloud. It offers scalability, flexibility, user-friendliness, and optimization of resources and materials. It also provides real-time data and high security standards.

Kardex’s storage systems are designed to maximize space utilization and productivity. They are compatible with Addverb’s software and can be seamlessly integrated and optimized.

The partnership will enable companies of all sizes and from all industries to benefit from the most advanced technologies in the field of warehouse management and automation. Both Kardex and Addverb are confident that their joint efforts will increase the efficiency and flexibility of their customers worldwide.

Dr. Volker Jungbluth, Head of Corporate Technology at Kardex, said: “Thanks to the partnership with Addverb, we can offer our customers one of the most advanced warehouse management solutions for highly efficient storage. The combination of our technologies will set new standards for the integration of logistics systems.”

Pieter Feenstra, CEO Addverb EMEA, said: “Together with Kardex, we will be able to offer our customers first-class solutions that will revolutionize their warehouse processes, increasing their competitiveness.”

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