Immervision welcomes new CEO Michel Van Maercke

MONTREAL: Immervision, a company that creates solutions that see beyond human vision, has announced the appointment of Michel Van Maercke as its new CEO, effective from November 20, 2023. Van Maercke will succeed Pascale Nini, who will become the Executive Chairwoman of the company.

Pascale Nini, who has led Immervision for over 20 years, said that she was determined to find the ideal individual to fill the role of CEO as Immervision continues to evolve and grow within the tech industry on an international scale. She said that she was thrilled to have found the perfect fit for Immervision’s new leader and that she was confident that the company will experience tremendous success with Van Maercke onboard.

Van Maercke is a serial CEO and a long-time technology industry veteran. He has worked for various companies, such as KPMG, Elementis Specialties, Punch Telematix, Silex Insight, and Audintate Group. He has also personally invested in Immervision, showing his level of unwavering commitment and confidence.

Van Maercke said that he was delighted to accept the challenge before him as the new CEO of this incredible company. He said that he will bring his passion for technology and his experience in driving notable growth to Immervision. He also thanked Pascale Nini for her trust in him and said that he looks forward to working with a phenomenal team and guiding Immervision into its next stages of development.

Immervision is a company that specializes in vision and imaging solutions that exceed the capabilities of human vision. Using its Deep Seeing Technology, Immervision combines wide-angle optics, enhanced image processing and sensor fusion technologies to enable smart devices with truly intelligent vision. The company invents, customizes and licenses wide-angle camera solutions, lenses and imaging software technology for AI, machine vision and user applications. The company has a strong presence in numerous industries, such as mobile, automotive, robotics, security and consumer products.

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