Apple Analysts predicts a powerful 32-inch iMac in 2025

Apple’s M1 chip made a splash with its debut in the first iMac, a colourful and sleek desktop all-in-one for families and students. However, it was not the most powerful device in its category. That could change with a rumoured high-end iMac that might launch in 2025.

iMac designs

Apple has not offered a robust option for its all-in-one desktop line since the last iMac Pro, which used Intel chips. Desktop Mac enthusiasts have had to choose between a MacBook or a separate desktop – Mac Mini or Mac Studio – with a Studio Display or Pro Display XDR, if they wanted to stick with Apple products. This is a costly and cumbersome solution, compared to getting one elegant iMac package.

So, what can we expect from this new iMac and when will it arrive? According to Ming Chi-Kuo, a reliable Apple analyst, we could see a new high-end Mini LED iMac in 2025. The all-in-one is said to have a 32-inch screen size.

Ming Chi-Kuo has revised his prediction, after previously suggesting an iMac Pro device could come in 2025. It is unclear if the 2025 device will be an iMac Pro, but it seems plausible given its “higher-end” status and Mini LED display. There is not much other solid information on what a larger iMac would entail, besides Ming-Chi Kuo’s recent speculations.

Mark Gurman, a seasoned journalist who covers Apple, mentioned an iMac “with a screen over 30 inches” in June (via Bloomberg), but did not elaborate further. In a post commenting on Kuo’s prediction, Gurman said that the work on a 32-inch iMac Pro “remains early.” The attention has been more on the next iMac, which is expected to feature the Apple M3 chip, instead of the current M2 chip.

That model is likely to come sooner in 2024. If Apple does go ahead with a “higher-end 32-inch Mini LED” iMac in 2025, it might either use improved versions of the M3 series — Pro or Max — or even M4 chips, considering the long time until its release. This is still unconfirmed though.

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