Fertiglobe and AD Ports Group join forces to boost fertilizer and green fuel trade

ABU DHABI, UAE: Fertiglobe, a joint venture between ADNOC and OCI Global, is the world’s biggest exporter and producer of urea and ammonia, which are used as fertilizers. It also makes green ammonia, which is a clean fuel. Fertiglobe has signed an agreement with AD Ports Group, a company that manages ports and logistics in Egypt and the UAE.

They will work together to improve the storage and shipping of urea and ammonia, using AD Ports Group’s advanced facilities and services. This will help Fertiglobe reduce its carbon emissions, increase its efficiency, and save costs. It will also help Fertiglobe expand its market and offer more sustainable products.

Fertiglobe’s CEO, Ahmed El-Hoshy, said that he was happy to partner with AD Ports Group, a UAE national champion and a global leader in maritime trade and logistics. He said that the agreement will help Fertiglobe meet its logistics and supply chain needs, and enhance its ability to store and ship urea and ammonia from Egypt. He also said that the agreement will allow Fertiglobe to grow its partnership beyond Egypt and the UAE, and to store and ship green ammonia, which is part of its commitment to deliver more sustainable products to the world.

AD Ports Group’s CEO, Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, said that the partnership supports the UAE’s vision for economic diversification and sustainability. He said that the partnership will foster global cooperation and supply chain development for alternative fuels, which will benefit the environment and the economy. He said that he was pleased that Fertiglobe can use AD Ports Group’s integrated portfolio and expertise to strengthen its urea and ammonia storage and shipping capabilities.

Fertiglobe and AD Ports Group will also explore other opportunities to collaborate in different regions and to develop supply chain solutions for green ammonia, which can be used as a carrier for hydrogen. Fertiglobe has production facilities near key shipping routes, which gives it an advantage in the market.

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