Bangalore’s Perfios raises $229 million in Series D funding from Kedaara Capital

Bangalore-based SaaS B2B software provider Perfios has successfully secured $229 million in a Series D funding round. Private equity firm Kedaara Capital led the investment, combining primary fundraising with a secondary share sale.

Kedaara Capital, known for its operational focus, invests in various sectors, including logistics, packaging, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and finance. Perfios plans to use the funding to fuel its global expansion into North America and Europe, alongside investments in cutting-edge technologies to enhance its Decision Analytics SaaS product offerings.

Founded in 2008 by V.R. Govindarajan and Sabyasachi Goswami, Perfios serves the banking, financial services, and insurance sectors across 18 countries. The company specializes in real-time credit decisioning, analytics, onboarding automation, due diligence, and financial data aggregation. Its services are vital for banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and fintech firms, aiding them in generating credit reports for digital lending operations.

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