How to save money and energy with district cooling this summer

Summer is here, and so is the need for cooling. But did you know that you can save money and energy by using district cooling more efficiently?

District cooling is a modern, efficient way to air condition a network of buildings in cities or campuses. It uses chilled water from a central plant to cool buildings through a closed loop pipe network. 

District cooling can reduce cooling energy consumption by 50% compared to conventional cooling systems1.

use district cooling optimally

However, many customers may not be aware of how to use district cooling optimally, especially during the summer heat. 

According to Empower, the world’s largest district cooling services provider, customers may be tempted to set their air conditioner thermostat at a low temperature always, which results in a large wastage of energy and ends with a high consumption bill that affects their budget.

Empower urges its customers to follow its recommendations to reduce the wastage significantly and enjoy comfortable and sustainable cooling.

As part of its Summer Campaign, “Set at 24°C Auto mode”, Empower has provided customers of all categories, including end users, building owners, and real estate developers, with 8 valuable tips to help them achieve the desired goals of the campaign. These 8 simple tips are:

  • Set the AC thermostat to 24°C and Auto mode. This is the optimal temperature for indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Auto mode adjusts the fan speed according to the room temperature and saves energy.
  • Regularly monitor the AC thermostat. Make sure it is working properly and not affected by external factors such as sunlight or heat sources. If the thermostat is faulty or inaccurate, it may cause overcooling or undercooling.
  • Keep the air conditioner filter clean. A dirty filter reduces the airflow and makes the AC work harder and consume more energy. Clean or replace the filter at least once a month or as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Close window curtains. Sunlight can heat up your room and make your AC work harder. Close window curtains during the day to block out the sun and keep your room cool.
  • Seal cracks in windows and doors. Air leaks can let hot air in and cold air out, reducing the efficiency of your AC. Seal any cracks or gaps in windows and doors with weather stripping or caulking.
  • Tint glass doors and windows. Glass can also let heat in and make your room warmer. Tinting glass doors and windows can reduce heat gain and glare, as well as protect your furniture from fading.
  • Reduce heat from various sources. Appliances, electronics, lighting, and people can generate heat and increase your cooling load. Turn off or unplug any unnecessary devices when not in use, use LED or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent ones, and avoid cooking or baking during peak hours.
  • Carry out house maintenance regularly. Check your insulation, ductwork, vents, fans, and other components of your cooling system for any damage or wear and tear. Repair or replace any faulty parts as soon as possible.

By following these tips, you can save money and energy while enjoying comfortable and sustainable cooling with district cooling. You can also contribute to preserving natural resources and protecting the environment, in line with Empower’s goal of helping to achieve a green economy2. Empower CEO H.E. 

Ahmad bin Shafar said: “The main objective of the campaign launched by Empower is to raise its customers’ awareness of the risks of excessive consumption and to encourage them to be positive and responsible towards themselves and their community…

The ultimate goal of the initiative is to preserve natural resources and protect the environment, in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum…to reduce electricity and water consumption by 30% by 2030, and contribute to making the Emirate a global center of the green economy…”

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