Norsk Solar and CME Solar team up to boost solar energy in Vietnam

OSLO, NORWAY: Norsk Solar, a Norwegian company that develops and invests in solar power projects, and CME Solar (CMES), a Vietnamese company that provides solar energy solutions, have signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to advance renewable energy initiatives in Vietnam.

The agreement, which was finalized on July 24th, marks a significant milestone in the effort to promote sustainable energy solutions in the country.

The partnership between Norsk Solar and CMES aims to combine their expertise, resources, and technologies to accelerate the development of solar energy projects in Vietnam.

With a shared commitment to combatting climate change and reducing carbon emissions, this collaboration is poised to make an important impact on the country’s renewable energy landscape.

“We are very happy to enter into this Joint Development Agreement with CMES” said Torbjørn Elliot Kirkeby-Garstad of Norsk Solar. “Vietnam`s potential for solar energy is substantial, and with our combined strengths we can provide solar solutions to help Vietnam’s energy transition”.

Through this strategic partnership, the companies will focus on identifying and assessing key solar energy project opportunities in Vietnam, with an emphasis on commercial solar installation and utility-scale solar farms. By leveraging each other`s knowledge and experience, Norsk Solar and CMES aim to streamline project development processes, increase efficiency and ensure the successful execution of these sustainable ventures.

“As a Vietnamese company committed to harnessing solar energys potential, we are delighted to partner with Norsk Solar” said Chung Dieu Tuan, CEO of CMES “This collaboration opens new doors for clean energy advancement in our nation, and together, we will contribute to Vietnams renewable energy goals”.

Vietnam has emerged as a regional leader in renewable energy adoption, with solar power playing a pivotal role in diversifying its energy mix and reducing the reliance on coal and fossil fuels. The Joint Development Agreement represents a step towards bolstering Vietnam`s efforts to achieve its ambitious sustainability targets.

Both Norsk Solar and CMES are renowned for their commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. Their joint venture reflects a shared vision of creating a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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