Ford and Tesla strike a deal to share Supercharger network

Ford and Tesla have announced a landmark agreement that will give Ford electric vehicles access to Tesla’s Supercharger network, the largest and most reliable network of fast-chargers in the US and Canada.

Ford and Tesla strike a deal to share Supercharger network

The deal, which was revealed by Ford’s CEO Jim Farley on a Twitter Space on Thursday afternoon, will allow current Ford EVs to use an adapter to connect to Tesla’s proprietary plug and cable, which Tesla is now calling the “North American Charging Standard” (NACS). Starting from 2025, new Ford EVs will feature native NACS ports, eliminating the need for an adapter.

“This is great news for our customers who will have unprecedented access to the largest network of fast-chargers in the US and Canada with 12,000-plus Tesla Superchargers plus 10,000-plus fast-chargers already in the BlueOval Charge Network,” Farley said. “Widespread access to fast-charging is absolutely vital to our growth as an EV brand, and this breakthrough agreement comes as we are ramping up production of our popular Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, and preparing to launch a series of next-generation EVs starting in 2025.”

The agreement marks a significant shift in the EV charging landscape, as Tesla has previously kept its Supercharger network exclusive to its own vehicles. Tesla drivers have enjoyed the convenience and reliability of the Supercharger network, which covers most major routes and destinations in the US and Canada. Meanwhile, other EV drivers have faced challenges with finding and using other DC fast-charging networks, which often suffer from technical issues, low availability, and inconsistent pricing.

The deal also benefits Tesla, as it will generate additional revenue from charging fees paid by Ford customers through the FordPass app. It will also help Tesla comply with federal funding requirements for charging infrastructure that mandate universal accessibility for all EVs. In March, Tesla unveiled a new Supercharger for the US market that includes a CCS plug, the standard used by most non-Tesla EVs.

The deal is expected to take effect from spring 2024, when Ford EVs will be able to use a Tesla-designed adapter to charge at Superchargers. From 2025, new Ford EVs will be designed with the NACS port instead of CCS. “The Tesla Supercharger network has excellent reliability, and the NACS plug is smaller and lighter. Overall, this provides a superior experience for customers,” said Marin Gjaja, chief customer officer at Ford Model e.

The deal is seen as a win-win for both companies and their customers, as well as a boost for the adoption of EVs in general. By sharing the Supercharger network, Ford and Tesla are showing leadership and collaboration in advancing the EV industry and addressing the climate crisis.

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