Vinanz to apply for OTCQB listing in the US

Vinanz to apply for OTCQB listing in the US

LONDON, UK: Vinanz Limited (AQSE: BTC), a London listed Bitcoin mining company, has announced that it has hired First Sentinel, its Aquis Corporate Adviser, to help it apply for a listing on the OTCQB Market in the US.

The OTCQB is a marketplace for US and international companies that are current in their reporting and undergo an annual verification and management certification process.

Vinanz is a Bitcoin mining company that operates in the US and Canada, using decentralised deployment of Bitcoin mining clusters in multiple data facilities. The company aims to provide investors with exposure to the growing Bitcoin market and to generate revenues from Bitcoin mining.

David Lenigas, Vinanz’s Executive Chairman, said: “First Sentinel are uniquely placed in the UK as being the UK’s only certified OTC Markets sponsor. They also know our file extremely well, having assisted greatly with the company’s recent listing on Aquis. So, it makes logical sense for Vinanz to engage with First Sentinel to apply to have its shares trade on the OTC Markets in the US. The process starts today.”

Vinanz Limited is listed on the London Aquis markets and aims to build out a fully-fledged Bitcoin mining company initially focusing on installing clusters of Bitcoin miners within multiple facilities throughout the US and Canada through third-party cryptocurrency mining providers.

Whilst the Company will focus initially on BTC mining, it will also consider the mining of other cryptocurrencies, and operations in the DeFi and Big Data space in the future. The Company intends to be able to provide a listed UK platform to offer entry to the technology and cryptocurrency business.

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