Qatar Airways triples flights to São Paulo, becoming dominant carrier to South America

Qatar Airways has announced an increase in its flights from Doha to São Paulo, Brazil, from double daily to 18 weekly flights starting from December 1st, 2023.

The increase will see the airline operating triple daily flights to the South American city four days a week, using its 777-300ER aircraft. Qatar Airways first launched its service to São Paulo in June 2010, nearly three years after Emirates launched its Dubai-São Paulo route.

Due to the current conflict in Sudan, Qatar Airways’ flights will need to fly a longer route, as they are unable to overfly Sudan. The passenger market for the Doha-São Paulo route can be categorized into several segments, such as point-to-point, transiting over an airline’s hub, transiting over a partner’s hub, and bridging both hubs.

In 2022, the most popular market at São Paulo airport was São Paulo-Doha-Dubai, followed by Cairo, Tokyo Narita, Seoul, Beirut, Manila, Bangkok, Tehran, Sydney, and Lagos.

However, the market was different in 2019 when borders were open, with São Paulo-Doha-Shanghai being the most popular route. Other popular routes included Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tokyo Narita, Seoul, Nagoya, Bangkok, Manila, Beijing, and Beirut.

Qatar Airways’ increased frequency to São Paulo highlights the airline’s commitment to expanding its global network and connecting passengers to more destinations worldwide. The move comes at a time when many airlines are looking to increase their services to South America, as the region continues to grow in popularity among travelers. With the new triple daily flights, Qatar Airways is set to become one of the leading carriers in the Doha-São Paulo market.

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