Pakistan’s cement sales decline 24% in March 2023

KARACHI, PAKISTAN: As per the recent data, total cement sales for the month of March clocked in at 3.8 mn tons vs. 5.0mn tons in the corresponding period of last year, reporting a decline of 24% YoY.

The tally for 9MFY23 came in at 33.6mn tons, lower by 18% on a YoY basis.

Cement sales have been low due to dull construction activities owing to uncertain economic situation, rapidly rising construction costs and high financing costs.

Total Local dispatches were down 29% YoY in Mar-2023. Local dispatches for the North region clocked in at 2.7mn tons for the month of Mar-2023, depicting a decline of 29% YoY whereas Local dispatches for the Southern region clocked in at 636k tons during the month, a 26% YoY decrease.

Exports from the North region increased by 25% on a YoY basis. Southern region exports, which constitute a major chunk of total dispatches from the region, witnessed a jump of 57% YoY in Mar-2023.

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