Renewable Ventures Nordic forms new subsidiary following transaction with Scandinavian Astor Technologies

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Renewable Ventures Nordic AB (RVN) has begun the process of establishing a new subsidiary in order to take advantage of the increased interest in structural deals that the company’s management and board see. The subsidiary is expected to be established in April 2023 and will be called Renewable Ventures Nordic 3 AB.

RVN’s strategy and business model can be divided into two parts:

Minority stakes in growth companies

The ambition is to carry out investments with existing cash in both unlisted and listed growth companies. It may also involve loan financing to listed companies.

Structured transactions

Renewable Ventures Nordic AB wants to offer unlisted companies that have a desire to be listed an alternative route to listing on an MTF. This could, for example, take place via a reverse acquisition where the unlisted company via RVN’s subsidiary is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market.

In 2022, RVN showed that the business leg with structural deals works through the listing of the defense industry company Scandinavian Astor Group (Astor), which with the deal added significant value to RVN’s shareholders.

Renewable Ventures Nordic AB has good hopes of being able to carry out similar deals in 2023 and has therefore decided to establish a new subsidiary. RVN’s board will always prioritize quality over quantity and the goal is to work with companies where RVN can support even after a listing.

Marcus Bonsib, CEO of RVN, comments: “With the acquisition and subsequent listing of Astor with our former subsidiary Renewable Ventures Nordic 2 AB, we proved that our business model works and creates shareholder value. We are actively looking for new companies that want to go public and see an increased influx of suitable companies that want to implement a similar travel like Astor. That’s why we’re choosing to establish a subsidiary now.”

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