CMG CleanTech announces U.S. joint venture with Green Garden Village in Osceola County

PARIS, FRANCE: CMG CleanTech S.A., leader in the green energy technology sector, has been announced as the winner of United States based project bid, allowing Joint Venture partner Panacea Global Energy expansion of its operations to North America with the opening of its first U.S. flagship facility, Green Garden Village, in Osceola County.

The Osceola County Board of Commissioners approved the bid submitted by Panacea Global Energy partnered with CMG CleanTech S.A. to purchase the land in phases in order to carry out the project. The final terms of the Joint Venture are yet to be agreed.

“We are really excited about the opportunity to develop our Green Garden Village facility in Osceola County and create a first-of-its kind, leading renewable energy hub in the United States. We look forward to exploring this project and harnessing the potential of renewable energy to build a more sustainable future.” CMG’s Président du Conseil d’Administration (Chair) John Darling commented.

The Green Garden Village is a multiphase project. Plans include the construction of the company’s U.S. headquarters, a research and development facility along with seven manufacturing facilities, each with its own revenue stream and employee count.

Listed on the Euronext Paris Exchange, CMG CleanTech S.A. (“CMG”) is driven by a strong, secure ESG strategy – to develop the clean hydrogen and solar technology at its disposal and help countries, organizations and individuals alleviate their environmental impacts and meet ambitious 2050 neutrality goals.

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