Al Salam Bank steps up support for local health and education initiatives

MANAMA, BAHRAIN: Al Salam Bank has announced a number of ESG initiatives focused on supporting education, health and women empowerment in Bahrain. The move is part of the Bank’s ongoing efforts to support the financial and social wellbeing of the community as well as the Kingdom’s Economic Vision 2030 and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To support education in the Kingdom, Al Salam Bank has partnered with the American University of Bahrain to offer five scholarships. The scholarships will be awarded to high performing financially challenged high school graduates, enabling them to progress in their educational journeys and helping them to achieve their ambitions.

The Bank has also partnered with the Reboot Coding Institute to launch a dedicated 18-month coding programme. Around 200 students will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects including the Bank’s digital platforms.

Additionally, the Bank sponsored the renovation of the University of Bahrain’s Al Salam Knowledge Center by equipping it with the latest technologies. The new technologies will facilitate an enhanced learning experience for students, enabling more interactive and engaging lectures in what is a key education space for the university.

Moreover, in partnership with the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), the Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) and the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), Al Salam Bank launched of a six-month vocational training program for Bahraini graduates, which commenced on 2 October 2022. Participants are embarking on training programs and are undergoing on-the-job training across the Bank’s various departments offering them in-depth insights.

In support of promoting healthy communities, the Bank has recently made a significant contribution to the Ministry of Health by funding the purchase of a mammogram device, which helps with the early detection and prevention of diseases. This initiative supplements the government’s efforts to enhance health services in Bahrain.

To promote women empowerment, the Bank sponsored Athar, the Bahraini Women’s Monument Project spearheaded by the Supreme Council for Women. The project aims to celebrate Bahraini women’s past and present contributions to the Kingdom and is designed to reflect four fundamental components – sea, women, innovation, and achievement – embodying the role of Bahraini women in national development.

The monument is set to be unveiled on Bahraini Women’s Day on 1 December.

Commenting on the initiatives, Mr. Rafik Nayed, Group Chief Executive Officer of Al Salam Bank, said: “Our support for education, health and gender equality is a fundamental part of our Bank’s culture and is in line with our efforts to be a leader of positive change in the community. Our commitment to social responsibility is underpinned by a robust ESG framework that delivers tangible change. By implementing this framework, we are making a significant contribution to society in areas such as upskilling young talent and empowering women to become next generation leaders. Through our strategic sponsorships, we continue to champion the values that have transformed Al Salam Bank into one of the region’s leading Islamic financial institutions.”

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