BluGlass partners with Ganvix to develop GaN VCSELs

BluGlass partners with Ganvix to develop GaN VCSELs

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Global semiconductor developer BluGlass Limited (ASX: BLG) has entered into a collaboration agreement with Ganvix Inc. to develop cutting-edge gallium nitride (GaN) vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) for green wavelengths (515nm-525nm).

Ganvix is a leading developer of nanoporous GaN VCSELs, a type of laser diode. Surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) require distributed Bragg mirrors (DBR) to enable their unique properties, and while highly successful in other materials, have been prohibitively difficult to fabricate in GaN.

Under the paid development agreement, BluGlass will provide Ganvix with green quantum-well epitaxy services using its proprietary remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (RPCVD) technology. BluGlass’ unique technology offers key performance advantages for green wavelengths, to enable higher power, brighter green performance. RPCVD complements Ganvix’s DBR technology for GaN VCSELs.

Green GaN VCSEL lasers have broad market applications including consumer electronics, industrial, medical, life sciences, light engines for laser scanning displays, and laser arrays for fibre-based communications.

Jim Haden, BluGlass President, said, “The advantages of BluGlass’ low temperature RPCVD technology provides significant commercial benefits for longer-wavelength lasers, including green. Our unique low temperature, low hydrogen growth technology enables brighter, higher performing green quantum-wells – the key light emitting region in lasers.

This collaboration highlights the significant competitive advantages of RPCVD, which transform how GaN lasers are made to improve performance. Our collaboration with Ganvix will advance our RPCVD roadmaps and expands our market opportunity. Importantly, the collaboration complements our own product and commercialisation roadmap, which is focused on edge-emitting laser diodes.”

Ganvix Chief Executive Officer, John Fijol said, “This significant collaboration to combine nanoporous VCSEL architecture with BluGlass’ unique RPCVD technology provides a path to bring green GaN VCSELs to market.

There are many high-growth markets for this exciting technology, including advanced applications such as augmented and virtual reality headsets, pico projectors, and 5G wireless communications.”

During the initial development phases BluGlass will receive payment for services, which the Company does not consider material. On successful commercialisation, BluGlass expects to receive material revenues from ongoing orders.

The Company looks forward to keeping the market updated on the progress of this development and any commercial agreements with Ganvix.

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