How Improper Truck Maintenance Can Lead to Accidents

Can Lead to Accidents

Truck maintenance takes work. Keeping a truck running smoothly and safely takes constant attention from the driver. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of room for error with truck maintenance. Even the most diligent mechanic can miss something when working on a complex machine like a truck. This is where maintenance errors can lead to accidents — they’re either minor or significant. Either way, they still have profound implications for the operator and anyone nearby during the incident. Read on to learn about some of the most common causes of truck accidents regarding improper maintenance.

Improper Spare Parts

Truck repair is a precise business. It depends on the exact spare parts to get the job done right, and one slip-up can cause severe damage to a truck. There are a few ways this can happen. First, you can use the wrong type of oil in your truck’s engine. This mistake can have severe consequences for the longevity of the truck’s engine. The wrong oil type can also damage other essential parts of the machine; therefore, always use the recommended oil for the engine.

Truck accidents are often complex due to the size and weight of the vehicles involved in places like Woodstock, Georgia. This can make it difficult to determine who is at fault and what compensation one may be entitled to. If you have suffered or are involved in a truck accident near Woodstock, then a truck accident lawyer in Woodstock can help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights.

Slipping Axle or Wheels

A truck’s axle is where the wheels connect to the frame of the truck. A worn or damaged joint is the most common cause of a slipping axle. An axle joint will get worn or damaged over time in many ways. If a trucker doesn’t take the time to inspect the joint and replace any worn parts, they can end up with a slipping axle, eventually leading to an accident.

Ignition-Related Accidents

Another common cause of accidents due to improper maintenance is ignition-related. If a trucker is using an old or worn spark plug to start their truck, they can overheat the spark plug and cause it to fail. In this situation, the trucker uses an old plug stuck to the old engine. Even though the truck has a new engine, the old plug is still stuck to the old engine, and it overheats and fails.

Exhaust System Malfunctions

Another type of improper maintenance that can lead to accidents is an exhaust system malfunction. Many trucks have a muffler/exhaust system connected to the engine, which sends exhaust away from the truck. This muffler can get scored, dented, or damaged over time, causing exhaust leaks. If that exhaust leaks onto the ground, it is a fire hazard and a serious safety hazard for the operator and others nearby.

The best way to prevent incidents related to improper truck maintenance is to follow the maintenance schedule on your truck. Make sure that none of the owner’s manuals for your truck has missing pages or is damaged in any way.

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