Pioneer Media signs game publishing agreement with Dynasty Gaming & Media

Pioneer Media signs game publishing agreement with Dynasty Gaming & Media

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA: Pioneer Media Holdings, a web3 gaming and infrastructure company, through its Asia-based game publishing arm, Roundhouse Media, has entered into a game publishing agreement with Dynasty Gaming & Media Inc.

Dynasty Gaming & Media is a leading global gaming and media company with established partnerships with some of the largest telecommunications companies across Asia, reaching over 500 million customers.

Under the Agreement, Pioneer Media has granted Dynasty an exclusive license to publish, market, promote and distribute its portfolio of games to its partners throughout Southeast Asia, India, and Australia.

Pioneer Media is using its proprietary MetaKit platform to remove player onboarding friction, accelerate game speed to market and provide great web3 games driven by loyal player communities on the blockchain. The Company already has a robust pipeline of games across multiple genres ready for launch in the next six to twelve months.

Strong publishing and distribution channels are a key pillar for Pioneer to deliver on its strategy of owning the full web3 gaming ecosystem. Providing engaging and exciting content and games, coupled with safe and trusted web3 infrastructure and mass distribution completes the full fly wheel and drives multiple revenue streams for the Company.

Together, Pioneer and Dynasty Gaming & Media are committed to providing industry leading web3 games and distributing engaging and entertaining content to millions of gamers globally. Currently, Pioneer and Dynasty are working in partnership on their first game launch expected later this year, with a pipeline of games to follow in 2023 and beyond.

Darcy Taylor, CEO of Pioneer commented, “This partnership with Dynasty is significant for Pioneer as it provides access to over 500 million customers throughout Southeast Asia through their deeply rooted, established partnerships with some of the largest telcos in the world. One of the biggest challenges for game developers is distribution, discoverability and managing high customer acquisition costs.

This partnership reduces those barriers and will allow Pioneer to distribute our portfolio of web3 games to established and active telco gaming communities while driving meaningful revenue from the engagement and success of the games. Dynasty has capitalized on a significant market opportunity, and we look forward to working with them to provide an excellent end to end gaming experience for their customers.”

Matt Lodge, Co-Founder and CEO of Dynasty Gaming & Media commented, “Asia is already leading the web3 gaming market and we’ve seen significantly higher adoption and advancements compared to North America. Dynasty has already established deep partnerships with some of the largest Telcos throughout Asia who understand the value and opportunity within the web3 gaming market.

There is significant demand for new content and games from telco partners, as gamers now represent 50% of their high value customers and contribute a high percentage of total revenue. Together with Pioneer, we are creating safe and trusted environments for our telco partners and their gaming communities to play, trade and earn within these games.”

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