IXUP Limited has acquired PlayPause

IXUP Limited has acquired PlayPause

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: IXUP Limited has acquired the assets and intellectual property rights from IXUP’s US collaboration partner, Conscious Gaming, a non-profit 501(c)(3) focused on incubating US responsible gaming, initiatives.

The assets were acquired for immaterial cash consideration and comprise of:

1. The registered PlayPause trademark and brand name,

2. Associated unregistrable trademarks and goodwill,

3. The domain name https://playpausegaming.com/, and

4. A White Paper entitled “Socially Responsible Mobile Gaming and Betting Markets”

This acquisition streamlines IXUP’s efforts to fill current gaps in the responsible gaming technology sector aimed at improving player protection within the interactive gaming industry.

With PlayPause added to its product suite, IXUP intends to advance active technology commercialization discussions with several industry stakeholders, including international gaming compliance and integrity solution providers, as well as major betting operators and regulatory bodies.

Commenting on the acquisition, Julian Babarczy, Chairman said, “The application of IXUP’s world leading secure data collaboration technology presents a unique opportunity for IXUP to develop a suite of independent and industry wide betting compliance and integrity solutions to manage the growing social issues related to gambling and gaming worldwide. The need for these products is immediate and we are encouraged by the engagement we are currently seeing”.

IXUP Limited (ASX: IXU) is a pioneering technology company with a world class suite of software products that facilitate the secure sharing and analysis of sensitive information using advanced security technology. The Company’s Secure Data Collaboration Suite of products represent is the missing ‘key’ to organisations ‘unlocking’ their information assets previously unable to be shared or commercialised due to concerns around privacy, cyber security, and compliance considerations.

These data collaboration products are being commercialised at a crucial junction when the need to share and drive revenue from sensitive data and dormant data assets is becoming more important yet more difficult to achieve.

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