Mode Global announces multi-token trading soft launch

LONDON, UK: Mode Global Holdings (LSE: MODE), the LSE-listed Fintech Group, announced the soft launch of its multi-token trading capability.

The first of the additional tokens to be rolled out will be Ether, which will be made available to selected users before the official launch in October.

This early release, available exclusively for Mode Lab members, will allow them to purchase the token ahead of the official launch in October, where Ether will be the first addition of up to ten new tokens. Loyal Mode users will be invited to join Mode Labs in the coming days, a community of users supporting Mode in future product development and innovation.

Rita Liu, CEO of Mode commented: “Mode’s success has been spurred on by advocates, who have helped us grow our offering to what we have today. Therefore, we’re keen to say thank you to those supporters by offering the opportunity to buy Ether on the platform, before the wider rollout.”

“Mode is going through a period of growth and change, we’ve made great progress on our Bitcoin Cashback product in the past few months, with a fast-growing brand pool and user base. Looking ahead, the multi-token functionality is the first of many exciting developments planned. Ether is the perfect token to catalyse this change, having just completed its Merge. We hope users will take the opportunity to explore other cryptos, helping them to diversify their holdings and gently increasing their exposure via a safe and trusted platform.”

Today’s launch plan kicks off the addition of up to ten new tokens. The new tokens will be added in a phased rollout.

Mode Global announces multi-token trading soft launch

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