How Important Is The Location For Your Investments?

Making an investment is easier than ever these days, thanks to technology and how interconnected the world has become. While it is convenient, it is also challenging for a person to determine where they want to invest and what the best investment options are for their particular needs.

Something that suits one person might be a very bad deal for another. Location is one of the factors that you need to pay special attention to when making an investment. Here are some of the main things that will be impacted by where you choose to invest and how they will impact you in terms of the profitability of that investment.

Making an investment

Ease Of Operations

Investing overseas is great, but you need to have a good strategy for managing that investment. If accessing that market or managing your investment is difficult for you to do, then no matter how good the return is, it won’t be worth it. If managing the actual operations is difficult, this will drastically increase the risk of the investment and make it more challenging to handle. Ideally, you want an investment that is easy to monitor, easy to manipulate, within your direct control, and one that you have proper insight going into. You might be considering investing in an upcoming market, but if you don’t have ease of control and easy management then this might not be a good idea.


Taxes have a direct impact on the profitability of a business or an investment. This is the main reason why many companies choose to set up off-shore subsidiaries so they can protect their profits, at least to some degree, from the high tax rates of the country that the mother company is based in. Similarly, you could choose to invest in a business setup in Dubai, as the UAE has some of the lowest tax rates in the world. In fact, for low-income businesses, there is a zero-tax policy which means you will earn 100% profit. Even in countries with high taxes, there are different ways to curtail tax expenses, so get in touch with a tax consultant and see how you can make your investment more profitable.

Natural Resources

Every kind of investment is directly or indirectly connected to the resources available in that region. If you are investing in a stock exchange, you are not only investing in stocks, but you are also investing in those companies. These companies rely on natural resources to carry out their operations. If you are starting a business, then you want to make sure that you will easily be able to get all the things you need for your operations. This is why a lot of people choose to invest in countries that may be slightly more expensive but which have a stable economy and a consistent supply of resources. Even though the resources are more expensive, the fact that they are consistently available makes it a worthwhile place to invest in.

How Important Is The Location For Your Investments? 1

You also need to make sure that the market is viable for your investment. Ideally, the people should have a high propensity towards spending, they should have a decent income, and your products or services should be in a price range that they will be able to afford and willing to buy. In terms of purely financial investments, you are going to be looking for market stability, a good growth rate, and low inflation.

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