Kongsberg Satellite Services to deliver services to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

OSLO, NORWAY: Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) has signed an expanded contract and extension for satellite ground services to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the US.

KSAT has delivered this service since 2005. In addition to the previous delivered services KSAT will now also provide support for data reception and operation of the mete¬orology satellites in the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) series.

The fixed price contract is 66 MUSD. In addition, there are options valued at 18.9 MUSD that could increase the total value of the contract up to MUSD 84.9 for the period 2012-2027. Including this contract KSAT’s order backlog is approx. NOK 3,75 billion (not recognized in KONGSBERG’s reported backlog).

The services will be delivered from the Svalbard Ground Station in Norway and Troll Ground Station in Queen Maud Land. The activities are coordinated from KSAT Tromsø Network Operation Center (TNOC), located at the headquarter in Tromsø, Norway.

KSAT provides services related to both data reception from and control of satellites in polar orbits. The company owns and operates more than 260 antenna installations from 26 locations worldwide and supports more than 1 million satellite contacts annually. The ground station in the Arctic (Svalbard) and Antarctica (Troll) are the core elements in the stations “pole-to-pole” concept enabling data reception from critical environmental satellites every 50 minutes.

The contract strengthens the company’s position as the world leading provider of satellite operations services. The company is also a leading provider of maritime situational awareness services, including oil spill- and ship detection services, frequently used for identification of illegal fisheries.

KSAT is owned 50% by KONGSBERG and 50% by Space Norway, a company owned 100% by the Norwegian Department of Trade and Industry. The Headquarter is in Tromsø, Norway, with affiliates in several countries included Sweden and the US. KSAT owns and operates more than 260 antennas located at 26 locations worldwide, including in the Arctic and Antarctica. KSAT is immaculately located for both TT&C (Telemetri tracking & Control) and launch support, as well as data reception and near real-time Earth Observation services.

KONGSBERG (OSE-ticker: KOG) is an international, leading global technology corporation delivering mission-critical systems and solutions with extreme performance for customers that operate under extremely challenging conditions. We work with nations, businesses and research environments to push the boundaries of technology development in industries such as space, offshore and energy, merchant marine, defence and aerospace, and more. KONGSBERG has about 11,000 employees located in more than 40 countries, creating a total revenue of NOK 27.5bn in 2021.

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