What is a Progressive Jackpot in Gambling?


All online casino players come to relax, enjoy the process and increase their money. One of the motivating factors to play more is the opportunity to compete for the jackpot. Most online casinos or gaming operators often play them to please their customers. This article will look at what jackpots are and how to get them.

Types of Jackpots

The term Jackpot dates back to 1881 and has been used in poker. The word consists of two parts: jack and pot. If none of the players collected two jacks on the initial hand during the game, then part of the bank was played, and the other part went to the stake. This amount was often replenished with new contributions until one of the participants collected the desired combination and took all the winnings for himself.

Nowadays, this word is used not only in one poker. Literally, in every game, the main prize is the jackpot, wherever there is a prize fund. Now it means a large amount, which is much higher than the standard payments and is the maximum. The main thing is to do it in trusted gambling establishments; you could try BestCasinoPlay to compare the quality of this or that casino based on the ratings and reviews of other users because it’s very important. For most players, the jackpot becomes an incentive to compete with other players to win the competition.

Fixed jackpot

This jackpot does not depend on the number of bets or participants who compete for it. You must fulfill certain conditions to win it, such as collecting the required number of symbols or a combination.

The main advantage of fixed jackpots is the high chance of winning. Since it is used in games with high RTP, where the developer guarantees the winning percentage. If you are a fan of stable winnings, then this is what you need. Real money winnings are the main difference between gaming and gambling. Since you do not need to become a real professional, the main disadvantage will be that such jackpots do not have large prize amounts.

Types of Jackpots

Progressive jackpot

This jackpot is formed thanks to all the players who fight for it, all those who made bets and spun reels in a particular casino or slot. The prize fund is formed until someone collects the desired combination. After that, the account is reset to zero, and all the money goes to one winner.

There are only two types of progressive jackpots:

  • Network Jackpot – this is when the jackpot is formed from all the casinos where the desired slot from the gaming operator is presented. As a rule, such slots are the largest of all possible. The Guinness world record belongs to British gambler Jon Heywood, who won $20,062,600 in the Mega Moolah slot.
  • Local jackpots are formed only by the participants of one casino. Naturally, the prize there is much less.

The advantages of the progressive jackpots:

  • Huge winnings;
  • Everyone can win
  • Participation does not depend on the size of the bet
  • The opportunity to compete for a prize among all participants in the world or players of one casino.

The main disadvantage is the smaller chance of winning this jackpot, unlike the fixed one.


Of course, the chances of hitting the jackpot are not great. Perhaps that is why they are formed so largely. It happens that the winners are players who devote little time to the game, or those who are just getting to know the world of online gambling. So anyone can be a winner. And you can also be sure that if you win, the money will reach you. Since it is very strictly controlled by the regulators who issue licenses.

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