Everfuel and Crossbridge Energy receive grant for HySynergy liquid e-fuels study

FREDERICIA, DEMARK: Everfuel A/S and Crossbridge Energy A/S that they in a collaboration with Aalborg University have received public funding for a technology pre-feasibility study for potential future production of liquid e-fuels in Fredericia, Demark.

The total grant amounts to DKK 5.8 million. The funding will be used to part-finance the pre-feasibility study which will include the development of a test production plant which will be used to demonstrate the production of e-fuels and the optimal integration of the refinery processes as well as to explore different electrolyser technologies at the Everfuel Tech location.

The testing phase will study the applications of e-fuels as a clean fuel for mobility, the potential as an aviation jet fuel and for marine applications.

This includes investigating the converting of green hydrogen into methanol in a reactor via catalysis with carbon dioxide (CO2). Everfuel will supply the hydrogen from its HySynergy electrolyser while Crossbridge Energy supplies CO2 from its refinery.

The findings will be used for the evaluation of potential future industrial scale e-fuel production and will explore ways to combine green hydrogen with CO2 and recycled carbon sources for the production of sustainable fuels.

 “Green hydrogen is key to unlocking zero-emission mobility at scale on land, in the air and at sea. We look forward to working with Crossbridge and Aalborg University to get more and better data related to e-fuel production, including how to optimise the processes in relation hydrogen production. Exploring the synergies provided in this project will be highly interesting, and pave the way for even better ways to utilise the green hydrogen we produce,” said Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO of Everfuel.

“New and more sustainable fuels are a key enabler for the transportation of the future. Now we are investigating the possibilities in e-fuels. It will be an exciting future of fuels,” says Finn Schousboe, the CEO of Crossbridge Energy.

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