Idexo launches token vesting management software

LONDON: Idexo, a simplified platform for building and growing web3 projects, announced the release of its Token Vesting Management Software.

Now web3 projects founders and executive teams can provide a robust token claiming experience for their token purchasers on Day 1 of launch while saving countless hours, weeks and even months of development and management time in the deployment and tracking of vesting smart contracts and provision of token claiming web portals.

Highlights of this new solution include:

●    Simple deployment, tracking and managing tools. Instead of writing and deploying code, founders can launch and track vesting contracts in a simple point and click web interface.

●    Custom-branded hosted token claiming web portals. Rather than spending expensive hours and weeks developing full-stack applications for token claiming, founders can launch these in seconds using a simple web interface.

●    Customizable elements. While the standard system covers most use cases, customizations can be made to the underlying smart contracts and to the token claiming portals, supported by idexo’s technical team who is well-versed in smart contract and full-stack web development.

At a time when web3 projects are cutting back expenses and a well-executed token launch is ever more important, this new software serves both those needs.

With idexo, projects get an all-in-one system that will help at every stage of their lifecycle (token generation, vesting, marketing, community building, and more to come soon). They are able to replace hours, weeks and months of frustration and cost building custom code that doesn’t scale, is costly to maintain and doesn’t deliver great UX, with proven software battle-tested across different clients and constantly improved upon. They replace coordination across spreadsheets, emails and documents with a single source of truth planning and management system for web3 projects.

“This release enables our customers and community members to put their best foot forward at launch. Also at a time when project founders and executives are considering cost savings, this approach saves weeks or months of development time. No need to repeat the same errors and challenges that each project faces when rolling out token vesting systems, ” says Greg Marlin, CEO/CTO of idexo.

“This latest release, along with another that we will be announcing next week, continues to support our vision of enabling creative entrepreneurs to build and grow industry-disrupting web3 applications. Specifically, by not wasting money and time on repetitive development and marketing tasks, they can focus those resources instead on their competitive advantages.”

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