CleanGo to build a new GreenGo products manufacturing facility in Houston

VANCOUVER, B.C.: CleanGo Innovations has begun the steps to relocate the primary manufacturing facility to the Houston, Texas area.

The Board of Directors opted to adopt the initiative as a reaction to the growing demand in large Industrial based orders and to fine tune the distribution pipeline.

CleanGo GreenGo products are continuing to gain popularity across Canada, the US and now Europe. Currently CleanGo GreenGo a wholly owned subsidiary of CleanGo Innovations Inc. has a manufacturing facility located in Calgary, Alberta Canada and a third-party manufacturing facility located in Los Angeles, California.

The recent decision to relocate the manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing under one roof in Texas is economically sound. Further to this CleanGo will integrate ISO & GMP certifications into the new facility eliminating the requirement of third party blending and packaging services. These certifications will aid in the ability to offer our bottling and manufacturing services to our white label and private clients. CleanGo Innovations Inc. anticipates and expects to have the new facility open in July of 2022.

Anthony Sarvucci, CEO of CleanGo Innovations said. “By relocating our facilities under one large roof in the Houston, Texas area we will be cutting our operational costs dramatically. This will also allow CleanGo to streamline manufacturing, distribution and warehousing in a centralized location to offer our clients better pricing due to our operational savings.”

CleanGo Innovations Inc. is an international publicly traded ESG company that is revenue generating and specialized in the development of early staged, green, non-toxic and sustainable technology companies. CleanGo products cover a vast array of situations including Retail, Commercial and Industrial Solutions. Customers rely on quality, nontoxic, Green Certified products to keep their homes clean and their loved ones safe.

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