tinyBuild announces acquihire of Demagic Games

LONDON, UK: tinyBuild, a premium video games publisher and developer with global operations, announced the acquihire of Demagic Games, a development studio with 23 staff currently based in Ukraine and Russia.

The Company has been working with Demagic Games for over a year on various projects including Hello Neighbor 2, unannounced titles, and more recently Deadside.

By bringing Demagic Games in-house, the Company expects to reduce dependencies on external studios and increase visibility on the production process, in line with its core strategy. The small acquihire will have no material impact on the Company’s earnings.

Alex Nichiporchik, Chief Executive Officer of tinyBuild, commented: “We are delighted to announce our first acquihire this year, and to extend to all Demagic staff our support to alleviate the challenges of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Demagic has already made a strong contribution to the development of Hello Neighbor 2 and it brings a highly skilled porting team.”

“Our goal is to expand and diversify our position as a global developer and publisher, focusing on IP ownership while creating long-term scalable franchises across multiple media formats. In addition, we are looking at a number of other potential acquihires and larger scale acquisitions to enhance the Company’s strategic and operational position.”

tinyBuild is headquartered in the USA with operations stretching across the Americas and Europe. The Group’s broad geographical footprint enables the Company to source high-potential IP, access cost-effective development resources, and build a loyal customer base through its innovative grassroots marketing.

tinyBuild was admitted to AIM, a market by the London Stock Exchange, in March 2021. www.tinybuildinvestors.com

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