US EPA authorises Grafysorber for use in the United States

LONDON, UK: Directa Plus (AIM: DCTA), a leading producer and supplier of graphene nanoplatelets based products for use in consumer and industrial markets, announced that it has received authorisation from the United States Environment Protection Agency for the Company’s Grafysorber technology to be used on any oil contamination on US territory.

Directa Plus’s patented Grafysorber technology is a graphene-based solution for treating water sludges and emulsions containing hydrocarbons and is at least five times more effective than current technologies – adsorbing more than 100 times its own weight of oil-based pollutants. In addition, Grafysorber is sustainably produced, non-flammable and reusable, with the adsorbed hydrocarbons recoverable.

The approval follows a first presentation of the technology to the California Natural Resource Agency, the highest Californian environmental authority, which suggested that Directa Plus undertook the authorization process with the US Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow the use of Grafysorber in the United States.

After a full review of the information provided by Directa Plus, the US EPA has issued an official authorization letter stating that Grafysorber fully meets the EPA’s legal requirements and can be used at any oil spill on US territory.

Commenting, Giulio Cesareo, Founder and CEO of Directa Plus, said: “The EPA approval is the vital first step towards entering the very large US oil decontamination market. We believe that the benefits of using Grafysorber compared with competing products will generate significant interest from the US decontamination companies we can now start approaching. We have always expected that this patented technology would have considerable export potential and this authorization allows us to begin to realise that potential. In addition, we expect to shortly be able to announce the first order of Grafysorber from a UK company.”

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