Mageleka commercializes tool to speed up the development of new batteries

LONDON, UK: Mageleka Inc, the developer of new instrumentation has announced the commercialization of its new RelaxoMeter designed specifically to aid researchers speed up the development of new batteries.

Commentating today, David Fairhurst, Executive Vice President of Mageleka said: “We have used the RelaxoMeter to optimize key constituents of batteries such as carbon blacks and polymerics. To date, most researchers have to optimize by trial and error but the RelaxoMeter now provides formulators with a quick, non-destructive way to measure the impact of individual components in complex mixtures used in battery development”.

Professor Terrence Cosgrove, Chief Scientific Officer added: “The RelaxoMeter is the first in a new series of bench top instruments focused on analyzing and characterizing particle suspensions using non-invasive techniques which operate in minutes and provide new insights for battery development. We have been developing products for the last four years ensuring robustness and reproducibility before offering them to the market. Our state-of-the-art technology is based on low field magnetic resonance and the devices are small and lightweight.”

“We have RelaxoMeter’s in stock for demonstration and have data for carbon black and polymers used in batteries which we are delighted to share. We also offer complete scientific support from our founders and pride ourselves in after-market support” said Keith Sanderson, Vice President of European Sales.

Mageleka is a private company founded by three experienced entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers who have developed companies and products from beginning through commercialization and IPO. The combination of expertise in magnetic resonance, colloids formulation and finance positions Mageleka for rapid growth.

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