Tern Plc

Tern Plc (AIM: TERN) is the company focused on value creation from Internet of Things (IoT) technology businesses. It backs companies with proven technology, based in the UK but with global ambition.

The management team has a strong track record of unlocking opportunities in the USA for UK companies.

Company predominantly support software companies which develop commercial IoT security, enablement and analytics solutions for the healthcare and industrial sectors, where safety and regulatory compliance are important market requirements.

Tern Plc is a venture capital firm specializing in growth capital investment. The firm typically invests in the software companies having IoT security, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), Machine Learning (“ML”), Virtual/Augmented Reality (“VR/AR”) and Data Science, enablement and analytics solutions for the healthcare and industrial sectors.

The firm primarily invest in companies based in United Kingdom. Tern Plc is based in London, the United Kingdom. Tern Plc formerly known as Silvermere Energy plc is listed on AIM market of London Stock Exchange.


Tern Plc announces SVV Fund investment in RETìníZE

Tern Plc joins British Business Bank in a new venture capital fund

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