Bidstack signs exclusive partnership with Game Tap Studios

LONDON, UK: Bidstack Group Plc (AIM: BIDS), the native in-game advertising group, announced a new and exclusive partnership with Pakistan-based mobile game developer Game Tap Studios.

Bidstack is an advertising technology company which provides dynamic, targeted and automated native in-game advertising for the global video games industry across multiple platforms.

The partnership will see Bidstack serve seamless in-game ads into gameplay whilst offering brands an additional touchpoint with in-menu ads that are designed to fit in naturally with the user experience.

The first new title to be added to Bidstack’s portfolio of games is Flying Car Real Driving, a car driving simulator that allows players to drive around a virtual city before taking off in their hybrid vehicle.

The game, which is available on Android, launched in January 2018 and has had more than 5m downloads to date.

In-game ads from premium brands will be seen by players on billboards around the cityscape as they hone their driving and flying skills and ads will also be served in the game’s loading screens and menus.

High Ground Sports Bike Sim 3D will also be added to Bidstack’s racing vertical. This simulation game allows players to race around a bustling city whilst taking on daring tricks and stunts.

The title is popular in tier 1 markets such as the UK, US and France and will feature Bidstack’s in-game and in-menu ads.

The hyper-casual game Magic Tiles Hop Ball 3D is the final title to be added to Bidstack’s portfolio and is available to players on Android devices. The title will feature non-intrusive ads in-game and in-menu, serving gamers in popular markets such as the UK, US, Germany and Brazil.

Integrating Bidstack’s technology will help Game Tap Studios to open up a new, sustainable monetisation channel that is designed to protect the gaming experience for players.

The in-game and in-menu ads will create brand awareness in gameplay and a performance option for advertisers through the game’s menus and loading screens.

Both formats will blend in seamlessly and offer highly viewable and interactive touchpoints for advertisers that are looking to connect with the growing and elusive gaming audience.

Hamza Khalid, Co-Founder at Game Tap Studios, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Bidstack. They provide the ease of onboarding, integration and monetisation of our games with great brands. They are an ideal partner for us.”

Antoine Jullemier, Bidstack’s Head of Supply, said: “We are so pleased to welcome Game Tap Studios as one of our gaming partners. They produce excellent mobile games, and our monetisation solutions blend into their games in a way that doesn’t intrude on the gaming experience.

“Adding another three high-quality titles to our growing portfolio of games is great news for our advertising partners and another endorsement of the quality of our technology. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with the Game Tap team.”

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