Apollon Formularies to join US OTC Market and migrate to larger exchange

LONDON, UK: Apollon Formularies plc (AQSE: APOL), a UK based international pharmaceutical company trading on the Aquis Stock Exchange, is advancing an application to join the OTCQB Market (“OTCQB”) in the United States. Apollon’s Ordinary Shares will continue to trade on the Aquis Stock Exchange under the symbol APOL.

The Company decided to undertake this application for a second trading platform for its shares at the request of several US based investors and believes that cross trading on the OTCQB will provide enhanced investor benefits, including easier access for potential investors in North America, increased trading hours and improved trading liquidity.

Apollon is also pleased to announce that it is exploring other possible up-listing options on local and international exchanges to increase investor access. The Company will maintain its existing AQSE listing, in addition to any additional up-listing it may undertake.

The Company believes that, due to the growth it has seen both in terms of the build out of its facilities and the increase in patient enquiries, moving to a more well-established exchange will provide easier trading access for institutional investors and improve liquidity for all shareholders.

Dr. Stephen Barnhill, CEO of Apollon Formularies, commented, “With Apollon’s primary operations based in Jamaica, having a platform in the USA is an important step in our growth strategy. Onboarding onto the OTCQB will strengthen Apollon’s visibility and transparency within the US public market and will provide access to a new international investor base.

“Alongside the OTCQB trading, Apollon is also exploring an up-listing to another larger more liquid exchange. Whilst we cannot provide any further detail at this stage, we will continue to explore these opportunities to drive shareholder value.”


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