SRT Marine Systems signs £40 million contract

LONDON, UK: SRT Marine Systems plc (SRT), a global provider of next generation integrated maritime domain and coastal surveillance and monitoring systems for national coast guards and fishery authorities, signed the formal contract with its customer, thereby officially commencing the delivery of the first phase of the project.

Simon Tucker, CEO of SRT Marine Systems, commented: “I am very pleased to be announcing the signing and commencement of the first phase of this £40m SRT-MDA System project. Our project delivery team and in-country partner are well prepared and implementation will therefore commence immediately.

his is an important new customer for SRT and we expect that further contracts will follow as they build up their national maritime surveillance capabilities in the years to come.”

SRT Marine Systems PLC is a global company which develops and provides integrated maritime surveillance, monitoring, management and safety systems used by coast guards, fishery authorities, infrastructure and vessel owners for the purposes of managing and controlling their maritime domain.

Applications include security, safety, search & rescue, law enforcement, fisheries management, illegal fishing detection and environment monitoring.

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