The best way to convert Litecoin for Bitcoin

Bitcoin was created with the goal of revolutionizing the world of finance. And now it is already quite obvious that it really succeeded.

Following the first decentralized digital currency, the second, third appeared, the original technologies were improved. This is how altcoins appeared, in particular – forks, new isolated versions of the source code. Each of the coins took on a life of its own, which inevitably affected the price of each of them.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

The need to create special trading platforms where you can buy and sell digital coins has matured very quickly. And today the number of such sites is in the hundreds.

Depending on the features of the functionality, cryptocurrency exchanges are divided into two types:

  • Traditional exchanges.
  • Instant exchange services.

Crypto-exchanges of traditional type

These trading platforms were originally created to be able to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency and vice versa. As the crypto world and the exchanges themselves developed, the choice of coins and trading pairs increased. You can convert Litecoin to Bitcoin on almost any large platform, and you will have to look for the opportunity to sell ETH to CAKE.

Classic cryptocurrency exchanges are convenient for trading and continue to develop in this direction.

All traditional services work with KYC and AML and this is not always convenient. First of all, for you, this will mean the need to create an account with further confirmation of your identity. This will take time, and the disclosure of confidential information on the Internet creates another vulnerability in your privacy.

Instant exchange platforms

Unlike traditional platforms, fast exchange platforms do not work with fiat currencies and do not provide crypto wallet services. On the site, only a swap of cryptocurrency pairs is possible, but the number of available directions is many times greater than the capabilities of any single traditional exchange. For example, over 62 thousand trading pairs are available on alligat0r.

You do not need to create an account to use the service. It is a completely anonymous crypto exchange. You just go to any page of the service and fill in the exchange widget step by step:

  • In the upper field, select LTC and enter the amount you want to sell.
  • In the bottom field, select BTC. The system will automatically choose the most profitable course for you.
  • Enter your wallet address.
  • Send coins for deposit.
  • Click the alligat0r button.

Completion of the swap and crediting of money to the wallet is performed automatically.

Before changing your coins, you can assess the current market situation. For this, the platform provides a live price chart. This makes the platform convenient for both experienced traders and newbies.

Cryptocurrency exchange with alligat0r is fast, profitable and safe. The platform does not collect or store your personal information. Your coins are out of your wallet exactly as long as it takes to complete the swap. This means that it is almost impossible to kidnap them at this moment.

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