ATOME Energy commences trading on AIM market of LSE

ATOME Energy commences trading on AIM market of LSE

LONDON, UK: ATOME Energy has commenced trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Market on Thursday 30 December 2021, under the ticker “ATOM”.

ATOME, as the first and currently only company solely focusing on being a producer of green hydrogen and ammonia to have its shares traded on the London Stock Market, offers investors access not only to potential upstream manufacturing of green hydrogen and ammonia but also through its established in country contacts and shareholder base to the all-important downstream offtake market.

The Directors believe that ATOME Energy has through its carefully planned and implemented business model a significant opportunity to fast track and be at the forefront of the international development of green hydrogen and ammonia as future fuel.

Green hydrogen and ammonia are an essential part of the matrix of renewable energy sources to decarbonise the global economy where they can address hard to abate carbon footprints of industries such as heavy transport, marine and steel and concrete manufacturing as well as enabling the large-scale production of green fertilisers.

As such they have been referred to as the swiss army knife of energy providing multiple solutions in sectors where renewable alternatives such as rechargeable batteries have no answer.

In addition to being a valuable part of the armoury in decarbonisation, with the recent significant increase in the prices of fossil fuels which are still used to generate over 95% of hydrogen current production, ATOME’s green projects are expected to have significant potential end market cost benefits; one example being in agriculture where ammonia a key component in fertilisers has doubled in price over the last twelve months to over US$1,000 per tonne due directly to the substantial rise in the cost of natural gas.

The Company has accordingly selected its projects to take advantage of available low-cost pure green power in sufficient amounts so as to build businesses of scale in fiscally benign countries with not only domestic demand but which are also located within international trading blocks.

ATOME has targeted commencement of production for the first part of 2024 and expects to benefit in the future from the projected reduction in the price of electrolyser and other manufacturing equipment used in the production process combined with the advent of new technologies offering greater economies with an increasing number of suppliers coming into the market providing greater choice and competitive tension for the benefit of purchasers of such equipment.

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