How to Convert CRO to BNB?

Are you in search of a reliable and safe place to convert your CRO to BNB? Choose a platform in which you can be 100% confident. To do so, check the following details:

  • The selected platform has a legal address.
  • The reviews from customers are acceptable. If there are issues mentioned, make sure they were resolved and customers received replies from the company’s representative.
  • There are coins that you want to exchange.
  • The fees are reasonable.
  • The website is SSL-protected. If this is not the case, sending there any personal or financial information means putting it under risk. Moreover, it is not recommended to entrust to such a company your funds.

Now, when you have selected a couple of platforms that comply with the above requirements, just proceed with checking the user interface of each one. It is better if a website provides all the needed information for trading such as:

  • The current coin price
  • The coin market capitalization
  • The coin trading volume
  • Price fluctuations within a selected period, and similar. 

And choose the service that you liked most. Now, you can move on with your swaps. 

A Traditional or an Instant Exchange?

Now, you will need to determine whether your choice is a traditional exchange or an instant one. A traditional exchange will offer you to use its wallet. Usually, private keys are kept by the platform. It means that you are dealing with a custodial service. Even though normally, such platforms and their wallets are protected, if a security breach happens, your funds might be affected, too.

An instant exchange offers non-custodial services. You use your own wallet for every swap. It might be considered as a benefit by those who prefer top safety and as a drawback by those who prefer exchanging crypto as effortlessly as possible. 

Usually, instant exchanges also offer white label cryptocurrency exchange software which might be interesting for those who would like to integrate the service on their website and benefit from an affiliate program. 

How to Exchange Cryptocurrencies

The exchange process is similar on all websites. Some platforms (traditional ones) will offer you to use their wallet. Others will not offer an option to select between a fixed or a floating rate. Other than that, you have to follow these steps:

  • You provide the coins to sell and to purchase.
  • You indicate the amount to sell.
  • You choose whether you’d like a fixed or a floating rate.
  • If needed, you copy the receiving wallet address or a QR code to receive the swapped funds.
  • You make a deposit needed to purchase the wished coins.
  • Finally, you receive the exchanged funds in your wallet. 

As we have mentioned, this process might slightly vary from one company to another. However, the main steps are the same everywhere. 

Now, you know everything that you need to swap your coins both safely and profitably. You can look for the best exchange and trade profitably!

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